Video or Still Photography

37 Inch Flexible Umbrella -  Lined With RGBW Diodes

220 Watt RGBW Power Supply AC/ DC

0-100 Percent Dimming

DMX Input and Output

V Mount Battery Plates

15ft Head Cable

Wireless Remote

Removable White Diffusion Panel

Flexible Honeycomb Grid

Carry Case With Wheels

DSLR Camera Adapter Plate (shoot through the light)


Brella Light

  • Color Temperature Range 2800k - 10000k

    RGB Control Via Ballast or Remote

    66 Degree Native Beam Pattern

    Power Supply can run A/C or D/C

    Light Diameter of 37 inches

    CRI 95

    Weight of Fixture: 4lbs


    Footcandles: 5600k  1292FC @ 1.7 Ft

                                       511FC @ 3.3 Ft

                                       138FC @ 7.0 Ft



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