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1x1 Bi Color Dimmable LED Light Panel Battery and AC operated - On Board Camera LED Video Lights 3200k - 5600k  - LED Fresnel  - DMX - Rental LED Panels Color Changing Lights Film & Broadcast LED Light Kit 4k Cine

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 Zabolights The Future Of Lighting

Our LED lights are used daily on TV shows around the country. Our customers have bought again and again.  We have great  customer service and work beyond office hours. Often we hand deliver lights to Fed Ex to make your deadline. We build them and we service them in our facilty right in Central Ohio. We also rent everything we sell. www.4kcine.com for a complete rental list.

Our Dimmable color changing LED Light Panels take into consideration many of the logistics that Producers, Dp's, gaffers and grips encounter on set. Zabolights owned and developed by DP Greg Sabo, make on set lighting easier by offering Bi Color LED changing panels eliminating the need for color gel packs. These are high quality lights with a high CRI of 93-95.  Our lights  have high brightness, good color reproduction, durability and built in options like  battery mount, A/C adapter, and best of all bi color 3200k through 5600k.

Zabolights are bright,clean and energy efficient.  The Z1 1x1 is as bright as a 1k open face with a chimera. Our lights are used by rental houses from California to New York. Many reality shows are now using Zabolights and the list is growing. They take a beating and they keep working. I'm confident you will like this product and it will improve your productivity and help your images look real. Dp's get on board with LED lighting and keep a few Zabolights in your kit. 

We make it easy to run the bi-color LED panel lights off battery power when needed. Just snap on a battery on the light panel and go, 3200k through 5600k with the turn of a dial. Low power draw, high output, flicker free luminance. Professional quality metal frames for durability yet light weight. Three primary sizes 9inch x 9inch, 1x1, and 1x2. Unique frame mounting options allow these fanless panel lights to stack on one stand.

Lights Unique Advantages: Light weight, Mobility, Portability, Modular, Clean and Green! Battery and AC powered, a Single snap -on battery provides about 4.5 hours of lighting needs, easy and quick setup!

Zabolight endorses Affordable Cyc Wall Systems for all cycwalls. They Build them we light them.  Mention you saw this ad on Zabolight. 614-266-1211
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Check out our New Rental Kit

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A lot of features all packed into one kit. Includes 2 1x1 Bi Color Lights, 2 Integrated Barndoors, 2 Diff Panels, 2 AB Battery Mounts, (2) Snap on A/C Power Supplies and a Special 2 Head Carry Case

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Kit contains (2) NEW redesigned Digital Z1 1x1 Bi Colors
(2) Gold Mount Battery Plates
(2) A/C power Supply
(1) Heavy Duty Petrol Travel Bag
Z1 Video

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(2) Z1 Plus 1x1 Bi Color High CRI 100% Dimming
(2) Z3 9x9 Bi Color High CRI 100 % Dimming
(4) AB Battery Mounts
(4) A/C Power Supplies
(4) Reversable Light Weight Stands
(1) Custom Hard Case With Wheels And Handle

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The NEW redesigned Z1 1x1 Digital Bi Color Panel With Gold Mount included, A/C power Supply
Compare Video


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The Lottie LED Light uses a touch screen and or dials to adjust color and dimming.  10-100 percent dimming. Solid ABS Construction. Integrated barndoors, removable diff panel. Includes our clip on power supply and AB battery mount. 1 year warranty.

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Handheld Led light Easy to carry Bi color temp High CRI
Includes: Carry Case and A/C Power Supply

Video of Z Slim

Video of Z Slim AB Mount



Z PUNCH is a full daylight LED Panel
10x10 inches in size
High CRI 94
Dimmable 0-100 %
512 DMX
AB Battery Plate
Clip on Power Supply
Plexi Diff Panel
Product Video Here


New Design, 0 -100 percent Dimming,  High Performance Bi Color 1x1 LED. Twice as bright as our standard 1x1. All the power of our Z2 packed into a 1x1 frame. Includes Light, Heavy Duty Power Supply, Plexi White diffusion panel. The brightest 1x1 Bi Color. Video Link


(2) Z1 Extreme 1x1 Bi Color LED Panel Lights, (2) White Plexi Diffusion Panels, (2) 100 watt A/C Power Supplies
Dual Channel Accessory slot 0-100 percent dimming


5 inch Fresnel
5600k Only
0-100 percent dimmable manual or DMX
No Fans
Includes Barndoors
Field or Studio Use
In Line On-Off Switch
Video of Z5


(3) Z3 Bi Color 9x9 High CRI
(3) Built In AB Battery Mounts
(3) A/C  Snap On Power Supplies
(3) Light Duty Reversable Stands
(3) Diff Panels
(1) 3 Position Tenba Case

Z3 Video


(2) Z1 Basic 1x1 Bi Color
(1) Z2 Basic 1x2 Bi Color
(2) Mini Fresnels Bi Color
(5) A/C Power Supplies
(5) Reversable Stands
(3) AB Battery Mounts
(2) Sony Type Battery Mounts
(1) Custom Hardcase For Everything


(1) Z2 Bi Color
(2) Z1 Bi Color
(1) Z3 Bi Color
(4) AB Battery Plates
(4) A/C Power Supplies
(4) Matthews Heavy Duty Reversibly Stands
(1) Custom Hard Case With Wheels And Handle


This 4 head kit will include (2) Z1 1x1 Bi Color AB mount LED Panels, (2) Z Mini Bi Color Fresnels A/C or D/C. Custom hard case with pre cut pockets, strong enough to ship or fly. An optional battery package is also be available. A video description of the kit.


(1) 1x2 High CRI Bi Color 100 % dimming
(2) 9x9 High CRI Bi Color 100 % dimming
(3) AB Battery Plates
(3) A/C Power Supplies
(3) Matthews Kit Stands
(1) Heavy Duty Petrol Roller Case


The Zabolight Z21 is a Bi Color kit consisting of (1) 1x2, (2) 1x1 with (3) Matthew Stands


1' x 2' LED Panel Bi Color
Gold Mount
A/C Power supply
0-100 Percent Dimming
CRI 94


Easy to use lightweight bi color panel that will run on AC or DC. Equipped with our high CRI Diode. 3200 - 5600k  90CRI


This Z1 Uses new heavy duty power supply, CRI (90) , Dimmable 0 -100

Includes a removable AB or V mount (your choice)
Includes A/C Power Supply
Dual Accessory Front Slots

Video Link Z1 Basic


9" x 9"  Bi Color Control from 3200k to 5600k . New alloy frame and new electronics. Will dim 0 - 100%  
Excellent color, small but powerfull, excellent fill or back light. Number One light used by television stations across the USA.
Z3 Video


This Daylight Fresnel is equivalent to 575 - 1200 HMI fresnel. The unit has  Spot / Flood with a 7 inch lens. Includes, DMX control, four way barndoors and 5/8 female bale block.  CRI of 94. Video Demo   Yoke Install Video


CRI 91 3200k CRI 94 5600k The 250 watt bi-color fresnel will allow you to mix 3200k and 5600k together or can stand alone as a tungsten or daylight fixture. It uses passive cooling (no fans). Includes 3 pin dmx control and 3200 dial and 5600 dial. Includes Barndoors.


  CRI 91 3200k CRI 94 5600k The 200 watt bi-color fresnel will allow you to mix 3200k and 5600k together or can stand alone as a tungsten or daylight fixture. It uses passive cooling (no fans).   Video Link   Yoke Install

Canal Winchester, OH 43110
Phone: 614-829-6109
Email: info@zabolight.com